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Batch Excel Solution- Subscription plans

Premium Eligibility Portal included at no extra cost


Subscriptions are billed monthly on the 1st of the month for the following month. Mid-month top-up required if plan amount exceeded

Batch Excel one-time set-up fee: $99- $599
Integration with EMR/PM one-time set-up fee: $299-$2500

Plan AmountCostRate
Up to 2000
$500 25 cents/per
Up to 3000
$750 25 cents/per
Up to 4000
$100025 cents/per
Up to 10,000 verifications$250025 cents/per
Volume above 10k/monthContact for pricing

 Above pricing includes up to 2 Service Types per verification. Additional Service Types may be added at a rate of 5 cents each per verification, depending on the payer. 

*Cancellations: Subscription plans are for a period of 12 months. Any cancellation requests prior to the 12-month term must be submitted in writing with a 60-day advanced notice, 2-month cancellation fee required.

Costs are subject to pass thru fees*, non-EDI fees, batch processing fees and 3% Paypal when applicable.

*pVerify charges additional fees for some eligibility plans for a small amount of payers. To see the list, click here.