Cancer Genetic Testing & Pharmacogenomics

Patient Insurance Verification Solution

Looking for Cancer Genetic Testing (CGX) or Pharmacogenomics (PGx)? Look no further. pVerify has you covered! We return the critical information needed for your CGX/PGx checks.

Here’s how it works:


You can submit the patient insurance information (demographics, member id, payer) to us via batch, manual entry, or API call. We then verify eligibility and return the eligibility benefit details to help you determine if your patient is qualified for CGX/PGx screening (active status, remaining deductible, diagnostic lab benefits).

Other great benefits of CGX/PGx through pVerify:

Medicare & Commercial Payer Coverage

pVerify offers both Medicare and Commercial screening for CGX and PGx coverage.

Largest Eligibility Payer List!

pVerify can check eligibility and benefits of over 1500 payers to determine if a patient is covered by genetic testing.


Medicare Part B / PPO plans Detection

pVerify can help with screening to ensure that patients have Medicare Part B / PPO plan and identify if the patient has Medicare Advantage Plans.

Note: Our verification does not include/replace the personal background questions between patient and medical professionals.