Eligibility: Instant Eligibility


1. From the Eligibility menu, go to “Instant Verification” (red circle in screenshot below)


2. Type in the first 3 characters of the payer and select from the list. If the payer is not on the list, please create a support ticket for us to add it, or look at our documentation on how to add payers.


3. Put in the provider (from the Provider Name dropdown) or enter the Last name & NPI. Note for Medicare you must first notify us and give us 2-3 days to contact CMS for approval for that NPI.
4. Enter the member ID and subscriber DOB.
5. Click Verify.

You can change the verification criteria from default via the dropdown on the top panel “Payer”.
You can change the service type (default is Health Benefit Plan Coverage – 30) if you are a specialist provider and are looking for specialist services, such as PT, chiro, or DME. if you want to default to a specialist service please contact us here.