Eligibility: Excel Batch Report (self-run)

Medicare and Medicaid only

How to run your own Batch Report:

Start under the Admin/Profile Tab, Settings–>Batch Format.

Download the Basic Format. Make sure to match the format from the drop-down menu.

Batch Reports must be in our requested format.

Add your patients to our excel or create your own that matches our format. Once ready, upload your excel of patients under Batch Verification.

Click Add New Batch on the far right. Then choose your file, personalize the name, and click Load Batch.

From the same Batch Verification Page, find your uploaded batch on the top left. Choose “all records” by selecting the top box, or choose individuals by checking their designated boxes. Once your select is made, click the Verify Button on the bottom left.

Your report has now been processed. Find the finished excel under Batch Eligibility–>Eligibility Report.

Generate your completed Eligibility Financial Summary Report by choosing your batch from the drop-down and clicking RUN.

Your complete excel report will be automatically downloaded to your system.