California Medi-Cal and IPA Verification Solution

Verify California Medi-Cal and IPA Coverage

Real-time California Medi-Cal Managed Care, HMO, and IPA Coverage details for EDI payers | Manual verification of web-based IPA 

pVerify’s California Medicaid (Medi-Cal) and IPA Verification Solution includes verifying the CA Medi-Cal Managed Care Plan, and HMO & Plan Sponsor to determine correct IPA Information. As the only solution that can continually confirm IPA coverage, we re-verify each month or prior to their next appointment and compare the current IPA to that which a provider has on file. Traditional clearinghouses and patient eligibility verification vendors may provide HMO details, but none will alert a provider that a patient has recently switched IPA coverage.

Available ONLY with pVerify’s Batch Report Solution! 

For Commercial Payers


Verify Plan Benefits | Detect HMO Payer | Provide IPA Details 

Additional IPA Benefit Verificaiton available in Batch Report Solution


For California Medicaid (Medi-Cal)


Verify Medi-Cal Benefits | Detect HMO/Plan Sponsor and automatically Verify Coverage | Provide IPA Details

Additional IPA Benefit Verification avaialble in Batch Report Solution

Multiple Platforms

Available with Individual Patient, API Development, and EMR/PM Integration, all provide accurate, realtime information.

Search Existing Patient Entries

Despite how you do the transactions (Instant, API, or Integrated), you can easily search and pull up prior transactions through our Search Page.

Monthly IPA Check

Verify a patient’s IPA monthly or right before their next appointment to ensure payment and that they have not changed IPAs 

Outsource Patient Verification

Verify on-EDI Payer Results with pVerify’s unique Batch Report Verification Solution.

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Batch Report Solution

pVerify’s unique Batch Report provide daily actionable benefit information in a color-coded, quality controlled, comprehensive Excel Report, including highlighting patients when a new IPA is discovered.