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Medicare ID from SSN


Medicare MBI Lookup Solution

Find a Medicare patient’s new MBI ID

Find a Medicare patient’s MBI ID with Part A & B Status Details and Dates.

CMS replaced the SSN-based HICN with a new, randomly generated Medicare Beneficiary Identifier and requires the MBI ID for all Eligibility Verification, Claim Submission, reopening requests, and prior authorization requests.

pVerify offers a new, scalable solution for obtaining the new Medicare MBI ID, your patient’s MBI number, quickly and easily by submitting the patient name and SSN/HICN.

Reduce Denials and Increase Revenue with pVerify’s MBI Lookup Solution!

pVerify’s Medicare MBI Lookup Features

MBI Lookup Features

    Never lose revenue because of an old HICN number
  • First/Last Name plus a patient’s Social Security Number or old HICN.
  • Auto-fill results to immediately verify their Eligibility.
  • MBI Lookup results include Medicare A & B status and dates.

Single Patient: With redirect to Eligibility

    The MBI Lookup Tool must be run to obtain the new MBI ID prior to verifying a Eligibility of a Medicare patient.  With a built in radio button, one-click auto fills the patient’s details into the Medicare Eligibility – Summary Dashboard fields with a second click completing the verification and additional radio buttons for Same or Similar, Medicare CMN, and Inpatient SNF.


Batch Upload

    pVerify supports unlimited uploads of Medicare patients to be processed to find their MBI ID


MBI Lookup API

    pVerify offers extensive capability with our robust APIs for our Medicare MBI Lookup Solution. Visit the Developers Tab for more information.
Medicare ID from SSN

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