Training Video on Self-Batch Processing: Eligibility

Batch Eligibility Verification: A Self-batch Eligibility Walkthrough

Here is a walkthrough of how pVerify’s Self-Batch Eligibility Solution works. It is included, at no additional cost, to every pVerify Premium Portal Account. The long video covers each necessary detail in Self-Batch Processing from account set-up to report generation. 

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The leader in real-time Healthcare APIs for Eligibility, Claim Status, & DME Solutions championing the highest level of benefits parsing with consumable API endpoints, expert developers to stride forward to refine and maximize benefit reporting, and next-level integration with our Business Rules Engine and scalable and seamless infrastructure including Medical, Dental, and Vision APIs.

pVerify is a unique service-oriented healthcare company that focuses on value-added solutions for ambitious health and wellness providers. We shine in the industry for unparalleled hands-on support, excellent development tools, and a pre-and post-development foundation unrivaled as a service-oriented partner – NOT just another technology company.

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