pVerify Patient Payment Processing gives your medical practice these important benefits:

Accept All Types of Payment at Time of Visit

HIPAA and PCI DSS compliant Card-on-File technology from pVerify enables you to accept any form of payment before and during office visits: credit/debit cards, FSA/HAS, checks (ACH), cash – in the office, online, and over the phone.

Obtain Authorization for Future Payments

Use secure Card-on-File technology to simplify billing of post-visit balances, eliminate laborious post-visit collections, and raise your bottom line.

Offer Patients Attractive Payment Plans

With Card-on-File technology, you’re able to easily set up installment plans in seconds and offer patients attractive interest-free payment plans that improve collections while building patient loyalty – and raising patient referrals.

Access a Complete Solution

Patient Payment Processing is built into pVerify Eligibility Verification, the customized eligibility solution that includes all payers, large and small, and pVerify Patient Estimator, the easy solution for estimating patient financial obligations.

Patient Payment Processing Works this way:

Your patients give consent for you to keep a card or bank account on file for billing. pVerify Patient Payment Processing integrates with leading PCI-compliant payment gateways to capture credit card and check information, and process future payments authorized by your patients.

The Patient Payment Processing system matches patients with Card-on-File and consent information to automatically request funds from each payment source. This enables easy collection of copays and post-visit balances – as well as installment billing.

Patient Payment Processing supports cloud-based credit card terminals and keyed entry; Card-on-File with collection and storage of content forms; and installment plans. What’s more, because it’s built into industry-leading eligibility and estimator products, you get a solution as complete as it is easy to use.

Patient Payment Processing is a problem solver

In this era of managed care – with high deductibles, co-insurance, and other added consumer burdens – many patients are responsible for a larger-than-ever share of their healthcare costs. In 2016, 51% of workers had a deductible above $1,000. Add to that the fact that nearly 50% of post-visit patient balances have traditionally been written off, and the need for medical offices to secure each patient’s responsibility for payment before walking out of the office is obvious. pVerify Patient Payment Processing enables you to transform your collections.