pVerify Precheck


Can your system do this?

1) Ask patients to do eligibility checks from their phone or computer?
2) Allow patients to pay copay from anyhere, prior to office visit?
3) Capture this information and update your system?

Then you need Precheck from pVerify!

Save Time and Money by having your patient do their Eligibility Check


You need Precheck by pVerify! Only Precheck gives you this:

  • Smartly capture patients without insurance information
  • Email or text message a secure login URL
  • Easy eligibility verification by just member ID and patient DOB
  • Ability to pay copay
  • Eligibility info flows back to your system

Here’s what the patient will see with pVerify Precheck


1) First, upon receiving the patients email, pVerify will send the patient an encrypted link to login to the precheck website.



2) Upon clicking the link, the patient will be redirected to the precheck website, where they will then be prompted to enter their email for verification purposes.



3) Upon entering their email, the patient will be asked to finish filling in their demographic information. The First Name, Last Name and Date of Birth fields have already been completed, all that is left is for the patient to fill in the Payer Name and their Member ID.


The Precheck Dashboard shows everything at a glance

Example of pVerify Batch Eligibility Report

From the precheck management section of the pVerify Dashboard, it is easy to view and manage patient information. Easily view the Member ID, Patient Name, Copay, and other details right from the screen.  The eligibility details including out of pocket and deductible will flow back to your system (if integrated) and will be available in the customized color-coded Excel report available to all batch customers. Click here to read more about pVerify batch eligibility.