Print to PDF: Eligibility to Estimator Link


Log into your pVerify Portal 


Choose Search Patient from the Menu Bar. Leaving the form blank click on the Search Button on the mid-right side of the page. *The Verified From-To dates need to set to the desired date span  


All of the patients previously searched (for the entered date span) will appear below. Choose your desired patient and click on the link highlighted below.


The Dashboard for your patients will appear. Toward the bottom of the page will be a Download Button and an Estimate Button. The Download Button is your ability to download the file to provide Date-Stamped Proof-of-Verification in case you receive any denials. The Estimate Button is the link for our Estimator to create a Estimated Patient Responsibility Handout (printable form to send home with the patient.) How to videos can be found here: Estimator Demo & Estimator Medicare Pricing Demo