How to buy prescription drugs in Tustin, California

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    – They are always busy!!! (usually have to wait in a line) however, the employees are polite, work fast & are good at remembering the names of their regular customers.
    – HealthPro Pharmacy is great. The staff is friendly, and they know their customers by name and what they need. The pharmacists are friendly and care about your needs. This pharmacy will work with you to make sure you get what you need.
    – Service is fast, but employees need to review HIPAA regulations regarding public disclosure of patient information. I was very embarrassed by some of the questions I had to answer in public.
    – Rude… I didn’t even go to Todd’s Health Mart Pharmacy to pick up meds, but I asked a question about building my body/enhancing. They looked at me like I was a weirdo…
    – Doug and the team are great. Helpful. Kind. Efficient. Will go the extra mile. Five Stars! I highly recommend them.
    – I was really happy with this pharmacy when Target ran it, but it’s been a nightmare since ViaQX Pharmacy took over. There is, apparently, nothing you can do to stop them from refilling or trying to refill prescriptions – including prescriptions you no longer have. It was annoying enough that, despite having never signed up for the auto-refill program, I would get bombarded with texts saying I was due for a refill and asking me to answer yes or no to accept or reject the refill. It was even more annoying that they would sometimes go ahead and refill the prescription if I forgot to reply no to one of the texts. But wait! It gets worse! I’ve learned that all of the following things in combination will not stop the unwanted refills/attempted refills: (1) Never signing up for the auto-refill program, as mentioned above, and in fact assuring you’ve opted out of it on the website; (2) Running out of refills (they will contact your doctor without your authorization and ask them to renew the prescription); (3) Telling an employee at the pharmacy that you don’t want them to contact your doctor for another refill; (4) Having your doctor authorize only 1 month out of a 3-month renewal request because she wants you to make an appointment before giving you more refills; (5) Archiving/deleting the prescription from the “My Prescriptions” panel on the website and selecting “No longer taking this prescription” from the provided list of reasons you are doing so; (6) Not replying to the texts that tell you to reply OK to accept a refill (at some point the texts stopped giving me a way to reject the refill); (7) Opting out of all text messages from ViaQX (now I learn that ViaQX has again attempted to refill my prescription without authorization because my doctor’s receptionist leaves a message telling me that I need to make an appointment to get that prescription refilled, plus the ViaQX robot calls me every couple of days telling me that it thinks I need a refill). I go to Target all the time, so this pharmacy was very convenient for me, but I will never use it or another ViaQX pharmacy again. I won’t support these annoying and invasive corporate policies.
    – The pharmacy staff is very knowledgeable, courteous, and very helpful when it comes to your medications. They definitely deserve a 5-star rating!
    – This is a really great pharmacy. I had to switch to West Village Pharmacy because of benefits coverage, but I am glad that I made the change. The staff is outstanding, and I appreciate their knowledge. The technician today saved me $20 because of his knowledge of a new manufacturer discount online. Prior to today, he also helped me search for discounts and has even run multiple cost scenarios to help me get the best deal. I am so grateful!