Patient Eligibility Verification Guarantee


Zapier Patient Insurance Eligibility Verification

pVerify’s Specialty-Specific Batch Eligibility Patient Benefits Verification Solution for Zapier users

Only pVerify Gives You the Following Benefits

Easy and fast verification of your entire appointment calendar

Clear and discrete display of eligibility information in Zapier

Full Report Customization for your specialty

More payer coverage than any resource

Zapier-interfaced Batch Eligibility Verification by pVerify®


pVerify’s Premium Batch eligibility verification with Zapier highlights eligibility and benefits specific to your specialty & procedures and is customized to your practice needs… With Zapier, you can easily integrate pVerify’s REST API with external applications such as google sheets to maximize your workflow.

Use Zapier and pVerify’s one-stop solution for complete verification of patient eligibility, determination of patient obligation, and facilitation of payment to stop the bleeding caused by unpaid post-visit patient balances, claim rejections due to patient eligibility errors, denials due to billing the wrong payer, staff expenses for verification and collection, or payer reimbursement issues. pVerify also allows users to expedite the claims process with integrated electronic claims checking, and real-time verification and eligibility functionality.

Interested in learning more about the Zapier integration with pVerify? Click here to view our case study using Google Sheets.

Sample Zapier Patient Verification

Quickly and easily generate eligibility calls through the pVerify app on Zapier.

Patient Insurance Verification

Interested in Integrating Zapier with pVerify? Here’s How it Works:


Please contact us in order to gain access to the pVerify App in Zapier

Its quite easy! First, select ‘Make a Zap’ in Zapier and as an Action step, add pVerify Eligibility.

Then, authenticate with your username and password given to you by pVerify.

Then just add the needed information from your upstream trigger step, or simply hard code the information.


Only a few key fields are needed:

  • pVerify payer code OR your payer code (ie: 00001 for Aetna)
  • Provider last name (can be hard coded)
  • Provider NPI (can be hard coded)
  • Patient Member ID / Name / DOB
  • Date of service (can use a Zapier function to always use current date)
  • service codes (string of codes, ie: 30, PT) (can be hard coded)


From the response root object, you can easily capture:


  • Active Status, Deductable, and Out of Pocket.

  • Subscriber demographics such as address.

  • Plan name and other payer info (for example Third Party Administrator for Medicare Part B).

  • Coverage specific to specialties such as # of Chiro visits remaining.

  • Copay*

*Note the capture of copay is highly technical and not guaranteed as many human factors are required to determine this – we will provide the entire result so your billing experts can make a determination.