Advanced Eligibility: A Detailed Example of how pVerify offers the Highest Level of Benefit Parsing

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Aug 6, 2021 | Features | 0 comments

pVerify claims to have the “highest level of benefits parsing” with their Advanced Eligibility, but what does that actually mean? Join pVerify’s CTO, Dr. Robert Dejournett, to walk through a detailed example of how pVerify’s Eligibility is above the rest.

Thank you for joining pVerify’s CTO & COO, Dr. Robert Dejournett, in a walkthrough of our detailed benefits parsing. The above example shows how the Tricare copay returned in the 271 is providing out-of-network details in the place of in-network. pVerify was able to correctly deduce this discrepancy and the cause with human intelligence and oversight, and correct it in our Business Rules Engine. Moving forward Tricare results will be updated and the corrected In-network copays will be displayed in every verification.

Dr. Robert Dejournett, PhD

Dr. Robert Dejournett, PhD


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The leader in real-time Healthcare APIs for Eligibility, Claim Status, & DME Solutions championing the highest level of benefits parsing with consumable API endpoints, expert developers to stride forward to refine and maximize benefit reporting, and next-level integration with our Business Rules Engine and scalable and seamless infrastructure including Medical, Dental, and Vision APIs.

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