Our Custom Eligibility Excel Batch Report

pVerify Batch Excel Reports

pVerify® can integrate with nearly any practice management or patient insurance system. There are a variety of ways to do integration (HL7, direct, FHIR, or a simple report) and we will work with you to find out which method is best for you.

When you submit a batch of appointment and insurance data to us (either by direct upload or automatically via an integration), we process the data and return a custom batch report specific to your needs.This is a huge time and cost saver for large practices that can easily glance at one place for all of their daily appointments, filter with ease, and identify specific Eligibility detail such as:


  • Plan active status and details
  • HMO/PPO detection with name
  • PCP Information
  • Copays & Coinsurance
  • Deductible and Out of Pocket total vs remaining
  • Home Health/Skilled Nursing Dates (Medicare only)
  • Prior Authorization
  • Routine Exam
  • Number of Physical Therpay visits allowed vs remaining
  • Exception Notes
  • and MORE

How to get started?

During your initial demo we will discuss customization, integration vs portal options, and gather details to run a sample batch.


Reduction of claim denials


Less staff time for eligibility verification


Over 1150 Payers

pVerify is now providing Self Service Batching for Medicare and State Medicaids!


Process the batches yourself, in realtime, as often as desired.  Speak to your pVerify Representative at add Self Service Medicare/Medicaid Batching to you current account or 

Schedule a Demo below! 

Valley Behavioral Health has partnered with pVerify utilizing their Eligibility Verification Custom Excel Batch tool since Nov 2018.  Our first impression of this company was that they were very professional, attentive and listened to our needs.  They took our request and within a couple weeks of our introduction, they effortlessly built us customized discrete eligibility data that has proven hands down to be a great ROI.  We have been extremely happy with their diligent and efficient business relationship and their quickness in responding to our needs.  We have no problem making recommendations to other agencies within the state of Utah looking for proven valuable eligibility data.

Kathy McCall

Director of Revenue Cycle, Valley Behavioral Health

Part one – Appointments & Insurance from you

The first step is fairly easy and straightforward, you can either upload a file containing appointment & insurance data  to our HIPAA compliant portal, or we can establish communication via our integration appliance.


Part two – Write back to your PM system (optional)

The second step, data back to your practice, relies on approved methodologies (from the software vendor) for writing data into your Practice Management or other system.  In most cases we are successful leveraging the vendors API to write back data as a note in the patient folder.

    Simply upload a full DOS to your pVerify Portal at the end of the day. We will process both EDI and Non-EDI payers and leave the complete, color-coded, excel for you to find the next morning.