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NPI Number Lookup Service for Physicians and Doctors

The NPI or National Provider Information is the unique healthcare provider identifier that is used for identification purposes in standard transactions by covered entities. Find NPI number for HIPAA covered healthcare medical providers, including physicians and doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurse anesthetists, chiropractors, dentists, professional counselors, physical therapists, occupational therapists, pharmacy technicians and more.

NPI Number Lookup Service for Hospitals and Medical Groups

Find NPI number for HIPAA covered organizations including hospitals, home health care agencies, nursing homes, residential treatment centers, medical groups and practices, laboratories, pharmacies, medical equipment companies and more. pVerify provides free NPI Lookup service to search for any NPI number below (you can search by NPI number, first or last name, and group name; millions of NPI numbers are included.)

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NPI number lookup

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires that covered entities use NPI numbers in standard transactions. Did you know that NPI is used in lieu of legacy provider identifiers, such as UPIN in the HIPAA standards transactions to process all medical claims?

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