Medicare Annual Wellness Exam Eligibility

Accountable Care Organizations

Determine which beneficiaries are eligible for Medicare Annual Wellness Exam and other Preventive Care Services


Accountable Care Organization’s Preventive Services Patient Eligibility Details

pVerify’s ACO Preventive Care Solution is highly customizable to fit your specific needs with solutions to provide services in large quantities returned in an easy-to-use format. Let us help you maximize beneficiary utilization of Annual Wellness Visits (AWV- G0438, G0439) and other preventive services, including Cancer Screening Preventive Tests.

ACO Features

  • Full Medicare Patient Eligibility Details included at no extra cost
  • 54 Preventive Codes Supported
  • Large batches of 1,000-100,000+ patients supported
  • Unlimited Self-Batches Eligibility and Single Patient verification included
  • Automation via API supported
  • Outsources Batch Processing to pVerify weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually
  • Care Gap Review building blocks to identify outstanding diagnostic tests

Discover patient eligibility dates for Preventive Services

pVerify provides the industry’s most comprehensive Medicare Eligibility Batch Reports which includes Eligible Dates for 54 Preventive Services for Accountable Care Organizations

Medicare Eligibility

Verification of patient benefits is an ever changing landscape.  pVerify’s Advanced Eligibility providers more information than every before for Medicare. Find what you need to see, from HMO, PPO, and Plan Sponsor details to specific eligibility dates for preventive care services. Process Batches on your own with our Self-Batch Eligibility, view results on our Medicare Eligibility Summary Dashboard and color-coded Excel Reports. For large volumes, outsource the verification to pVerify. Simply send us a file of patients and sit back while we do the work.

Preventive Services

pVerify’s ACO Preventive Care Solution helps discover Medicare Annual Wellness Exam Eligibility and to determine which beneficiaries are eligible for additional preventive services.  pVerify ACO supports 54 HCPCS Preventive Codes in every Medicare verification, including Annual Wellness Visit (G0438, G0439) and Cancer Screening Preventive Tests. ACOs can assign to primary care team members a list of all patients who are overdue or about to become due for an AWV and other additional Preventive Care Services, as well as return an increase of 20% AWVs a year.

Medicare Annual Wellness Exam Eligibility

First-Class Batch Reports

Outsourcing patient verification is a huge time and cost saver for Medical Practices and Hospitals that can easily glance at one place for all of their patients, filter with ease, and identify specific benefit details. Determine which beneficiaries are eligible for allowed preventive services in large quantities of 100-100,000+ patients by outsourcing ACO verification to pVerify. Send weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly batches of unlimited patients to be processed.

APIs and Easy Endpoints

Our APIs Streamlined with enhanced Eligibility Endpoints, with over 50 years combined knowledge parsing and coding Medical Benefit Data, provide front-end patient insurance eligibility and benefit verification. Processes proven to improve the patient collections and reduce back office denials.

With hands-on and responsive API Support, pVerify assists with designing your API workflow, acts as a hand-on guide throughout development, and remains a go-to expert post-development.

Current API Features

  • Experts in the field
  • HIPAA Compliant & Scalable
  • Hybrid API & Batch Solutions
  • Largest Payer List (Medical, Dental, and Vision)
  • Rest API, Soap API, 271 Response, HL7, and MORE!

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Medicare Annual Wellness Exam Eligibility

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Meet with a pVerify Representative to assess your current work flow and unique requests to determine the best combination of  pVerify’s Eligibility Solutions for your needs, including Medicare Annual Wellness Exam Eligibility.

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pVerify’s integrated First-Class Batch Eligibility Verification Solution highlights eligibility and benefits specific to your specialty and procedures and is customized to your practice needs. In addition, a complete snapshot of eligibility and benefits for ALL patients scheduled for given DOS are displayed in a unique, color-coded Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet format, highlighted to flag your specified items, such as high deductibles or HMO/PPO Plans (see the screenshot below).

Medicare Eligibility

Find what you need to see from Episode Dates to HMO, PPO, and Plan Sponsor Details. Process Batches on your own with our Self-Batch Eligibility, and view results on our Medicare Eligibility Summary Dashboard.

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pVerify’s Inpatient SNF Solution provides details on current SNF and Hospice stays, as close as 72 hours after admission.

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