Verify Medicare Eligibility

Durable Medical Suppliers

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Verify Medicare Eligibility

A game-changing combination for DMEs

As the first software to automate Same or Similar for all 4 jurisdictions, pVerify leads the Durable Medical Equipment Supplier industry with the most user-friendly portal, built-in interpretation flags for quick decisions, and continued enhancement. From Eligibility to Medicare Claims History and Inpatient episode details, pVerify is an expert of all things Medicare.

At-a-glance Features

  • Verify Eligibility with Medicare – Summary Display
  • One click auto fill for Same or Similar and Inpatient SNF
  • Interpretation flags for decisive and quick action
  • Unlimited Batch, API endpoints, and single patient functions.
  • Unlimited Locations, User Logins, and NPIs
  • User Management to control what each user can see and do

Build pVerify directly into your workflow

Designed specifically for Durable Medical Suppliers

pVerify’s DME Solutions allow users to combine verification methods in order to verify in real-time and API, along with automated and batch solutions.

The DME Experts

Verification of patient benefits is an ever changing landscape and that includes the Equipment Suppliers world. Determining coverage and Medicare Claim History is the only way to ensure you will get paid. pVerify takes on the complex steps to streamline and relieve the stress and time commitment it takes to correctly qualify a patient before issuing their equipment. Our goal is to speed up each part of the patient cycle, with automation and accuracy, and highlight  important details that can prevent denials and chasing of payment.  Beyond confirming they are eligibility (confirming Medicare coverage and reviewing 5-year Claims History), pVerify as will alert you to if a patient is currently in the Hospital or Skilled Nursing Facility.

Create your own Combination

pVerify streamlines all of our DME Solutions into one, by combining Batch Reporting with APIs, unlimited user access within the real-time portal, and assists each client develop the workflow that improves their ROI. 

We know Medicare

A leader in real-time insurance verification, pVerify’s Advanced Eligibility provides more information than ever before for Medicare. Find what you need to see to make easy and informed actions based on a quick-glance overhead view of a patient’s Part A, Part B, Home Health, Medicare Secondary Payer, HMO, Medicare Advantage Plan, Hospice Dates, and Deductible Remaining details. Process Batches on your own with our Self-Batch Eligibility, view results on our Medicare Eligibility Summary Dashboard, and view Same or Similar and Inpatient SNF Records with the click of a button.

Medicare Eligibility – Summary Dashboard

One Click Auto Fill

The human component in data entry has at least two guaranteed results – long processing times and typing mistakes. For these reasons, pVerify designed one click auto fill forms that link from Eligibility to Same or Similar, Inpatient SNF, and Medicare CMN within the Premium Portal. Once verified, never type the patient’s details again, simply single click a radio button to move to the patient’s info to the next screen and one more click to initiate the transaction.

Automate with APIs

Take it one step further and add pVerify directly into your own software or website. With multiple Robust APIs, pVerify provides a hand-on guide throughout development and remains a go-to expert post-development.

Same or Similar

In order for a supplier to be paid for issuing an item to a patient, that patient cannot have received that piece of equipment or one considered similar for a specific window of time. Therefore, each patient’s claim history must be reviewed prior to issuing any item.

pVerify’s Same or Similar goes beyond any other solution to take the guess work out of a very complex system by creating a “flag” to determine if the patient qualifies for a new item or if they have already received one similar. This interpretation flag saves suppliers a significant amount of time, and denials/losses, by interpreting the Claim History for the user.

The importance of Inpatient SNF

It is a known problem: discovering a patient was in the hospital after an item has been issued. Most likely a claim has already been filed and a denial is evident.

pVerify goes one step beyond traditional SNF Solutions by alerting companies if a patient is currently admitted into a Hospital, Rehabilitation Clinic, or Skilled Nursing Facility. Only pVerify can provide on-going stay details, including the Patient Status, Billing Type, and Billing NPI after 72 hours of their admission.

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