Inpatient SNF

Know when a patient is currently enrolled in a SNF Facility or Hospital 

A unique SNF Solution

The ONLY Solution that provides details on current Skilled Nursing Facility and Hospital patients, as early as 72 hours after a patient’s initial admission. Most Eligibility Verification services acquire Home Health, Hospice, and Skilled Nursing Faculty episode details directly from the patient’s verified benefits. Eligibility results for SNF are limited due to the fact the episode must have ended in order for it to be reported.

Find Skilled Nursing Facility Admission Dates

Know where a patient is, before they are discharged. 

Inpatient SNF details provided:

  • Patient Status
  • Billing Type
  • Billing NPI
  • DOS Start
  • DOS End (if applicable)
  • Admitted Date
  • Discharged Date


Patient Status Descriptions:

  • Still patient
  • Discharged/transferred to a SNF
  • Discharged/transferred to another short-term general hospital
  • Inpatient rehabilitation facility
  • Discharged to home or self care (routine discharge)


Billing Type Descriptions:

  • SNF Inpatient First Claim
  • Hospital Inpatient Admission to Discharge
  • SNF Inpatient Continuing Claim
  • SNF Inpatient Last Claim

Single Patient: Directly from Eligibility Results

    Eligibility of a Medicare patient must be run prior to the Inpatient SNF Claims History review in order to confirm there is no HMO or PPO Payer. With a radio button built into the Medicare Eligibility – Summary Dashboard, one-click auto fills the patient’s details into the In-patient SNF fields with a second click completing the SNF Check.


Batch Upload

    pVerify supports unlimited uploads of Medicare patients to be processed for their In-patient SNF History.


Inpatient SNF API

    pVerify offers extensive capability with our robust APIs for our In-patient SNF Solution. Visit the Developers Tab for more information.


Verify Eligibility

  • Verify a patient ahead of time or during their procedure with Instant, Batch, or API Eligibility, in real-time with accuracy down to the service received.

Estimate Patient Responsibility

  • Estimate patient financial responsibility powered by Eligibility results and your unique fee schedules for quick and easy cost estimates.

Collect Payment

  • Collect payment during appointment with hands-free options such as QR code, card-on-file, and customized card-on-file payment plans.
Patient Insurance Verification Software

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A game-changing combination for DMEs

As the first software to automate Same or Similar for all 4 jurisdictions, pVerify leads the Durable Medical Equipment Supplier industry with the most user-friendly portal, built-in interpretation flags for quick decisions, and continued enhancements. From Eligibility to Medicare Claims History and In-patient episode details, pVerify is an expert in all things Medicare.

Medicare Eligibility

An expert in all things Medicare, pVerify provides Medicare patient Verification in our Medicare Eligibility - Summary Dashboard, Unlimited Self Batch Verification, First Class Batch Solution, and API Connections.

Same or Similar

pVerify’s Same or Similar allows users to review a patient’s 5-year Claim History in near real-time with interpretation flags for easy and actionable decisions.

Medicare CMN

pVerify’s Medicare CMN allows users to review a patient’s CMN history for approved certificates along with the initial and last claim date, to see what rentals have been approved.