pVerify Patient Estimator

Generate printable estimates for patient financial obligation

Patient Responsibility Estimation Software

pVerify’s patient estimator is the simplest and most cost-effective solution for mid-sized provider organizations to estimate patient financial obligations in conjunction with eligibility and benefits information. The patient estimator generates printable estimates that can be provided to patients for financial consent prior to an actual visit. Providing written financial consents can drastically cut down on patient delinquencies and improve patient collections.

How does pVerify stand out?

  • Payer-specific fee schedule
  • Mark up payer fee schedule from Area-specific Medicare fee schedule
  • Self-pay estimation
  • Documentation for patient payment obligation
  • Integrated with PMS solutions

pVerify’s patient estimator is ready to use out of the box with the included Medicare fee schedule. Practices are able to load payer specific fee schedules, or mark up Medicare fee schedule. pVerify provides a superbill interface and is fully integrated, including parsing of key benefits data.

Sample of the Patient Responsibility Report