Instantly Verify Medicare Patient Eligibility for only 15c

list1_bg Time is running out. Medicare Open Enrollment has ended.

list1_bg Are you ready for the new and changed Medicare enrollees for 2018?

list1_bg Do you have the latest Medicare Patient Eligibility Verification solution that highlights patients who have switched plans?

list1_bg If you are not sure, your practice may get hit with many denials in early 2018.

list1_bg pVerify’s real-time Medicare eligibility verification will ensure that you don’t end up dealing with costly denials (e.g. denial codes CO 24 and CO120)!

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What is pVerify Patient Eligibility Verification?


Important Medicare Patient Eligibility Features

  • Instantly identifies if a patient has Medicare HMO plan and even identifies the name of the new Plan
  • Identify Primary Payer if Medicare is secondary (helps you avoid Medicare Denials CO 22 and 109)
  • Co-Insurance and Deductible remaining information available as of date
  • Get Benefits information by Office, Inpatient, Preventive Care, Urgent Care, Pharmacy and more
  • Download detailed reports of patient insurance eligibility in PDF
  • Search verified reports of patients – available for 12 months
  • Multiple Patient Records export into Excel/CSV
  • Add-on features : batch process and web services

Sample Medicare Part A and B Patient Verification

pVerify Medicare Patient Eligibility Estimator Solution


Our Client Testimonials

Utilizing pVerify’s automated verification service, we are able to validate our patient’s benefits thoroughly and consistently in advance of their visit…This allows us to identify issues relating to patient’s coverage and take corrective action before the patient being seen..I highly recommend pVerify eligibility solutions for any busy practice.

Albert Castillo

Since using pVerify, we have significantly reduced claim rejections, lowered administrative cost (by reducing the time it takes to verify eligibilities) and as improved our cash flow. pVerify has contributed immensely to our practice and I am so happy that we began using them. pVerify truely is an efficient and cost-effective tool designed to facilitate the eligibility verification process.

Beth Carvajal