Claim Status

Catch denials early to decrease write-offs and improve cash flow with pVerify.

Claims Status for Medical Services

pVerify’s Claim Status provides a quick glance at a patient’s Claim History, including Procedure Codes, Charge Amounts, and Status Codes for up to a 12-month history. Physicians, Providers, Revenue Cycle Managers, Billing Companies, and Accounting Staff can now check the current status of what the payer has on file, as of that day, to discover if the claim was accepted, or denied, and review the Status Codes to determine if action is required.

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Why Claim Status Matters

One of difficult hurdles in payment collection and account reconciliation is the time lost between submitting claims, receiving responses from payers, resubmitting a claim, and waiting to discover if you will get paid. pVerify’s Claim Status lessens the waiting game and allows billers to check in on claims before the payer has taken action to request more information.

Available for up to a 12-month history:

  • Check on the status of a claim to learn what the status is
  • Find out if more information is needed without having to wait for payer communication
  • See if payment has been sent, including Check Number and Amount
  • Learn important details such as Status Code, Description, Remittance Date and MORE!

Claim Status Response Includes:

Available via Single Patient Mode in the Premium Portal and API Connection


  • Effective Date
  • Payment Amount
  • Check Number
  • Unit #
  • Category Description
  • Patient Account Number
  • Charge Amount
  • Adjudication Finalized Date
  • Procedure Code
  • Service Date Range
  • Status Code
  • Billing Type
  • Remittance Date
  • Payment Amount
  • Category Code
  • Status Description
  • Payer’s Claim Number

Verify Eligibility

  • Verify a patient ahead of time or during their procedure with Instant, Batch, or API Eligibility, in real-time with accuracy down to the service received.

Estimate Patient Responsibility

  • Estimate patient financial responsibility powered by Eligibility results and your unique fee schedules for quick and easy cost estimates.

Collect Payment

  • Collect payment during appointment with hands-free options such as QR code, card-on-file, and customized card-on-file payment plans.

pVerify’s Claim Status is currently available in 2 ways:

  1. Single Patient
  2. APIs built directly into website or software

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