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Patient Eligibility Verification Software

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Complex needs simplified with pVerify’s Solutions.

Expert Eligibility:

  • Specialty-specific verifications supporting multiple services in one transaction
  • Benefits are categorized and reported in a clear, straightforward manner
  • Systematic inclusion and return of proprietary knowledge base within respective Eligibility benefits
  • Multi-point solutions built into existing workflows for optimum Return on Investment
  • Largest Payer List in the Industry including Medical, Dental, and Vision Payers

Experts in Eligibility

Verification of patient benefits is an ever-changing landscape. Determining coverage prior to DOS is the best way to accept patients, collect copayments, and submit claims correctly. Beyond the traditional needs like copay and deductible remaining: understanding prior authorization requirements, if surgical co-insurance varies by the location of the procedure, and other details that would result in denials.

Verifications include multiple services per transaction, separated and displayed to include all relevant information in a straightforward manner.

Business Rule Knowledge Base

Business Rules is pVerify’s unique way of taking a client’s bible of proprietary knowledge, the binder and post-it notes of information gathered over the years by experienced verification specialists and inserting that knowledge to be cycled through and reported on qualifying patient benefits. Based off of a Payer, Group Name/Number, Member ID, Plan Name/Number or Policy ID.

Add your verification specialist’s expert knowledge into pVerify’s Business Rule Engine, to be returned automatically on verified patient benefits.

Insurance Coverage Discovery

pVerify’s Insurance Discovery allows Hospitals and Providers to find a patient’s insurance coverage to collect potentially millions from insurance companies, allow prompt claim submission, increase patient payment collection, and drastically decrease Account Receivables.

Before providing service or afterward while prepping the claim, pVerify’s Insurance Discovery can detect up to 50% coverage for self-pays and incomplete patient files. 

Insurance Coverage Discovery:

  • Search top 10 payers based on patient’s location
  • Find Medicare coverage with SSN, Name, and DOB
  • Obtain Medicare MA Plan details, including subscriber ID, from Medicare verification
  • Discover thousands of plans with unlimited Batch Uploads

EMR Integrations and Benefit Write-back

pVerify’s Integrations automate real-time and DOS patient verification to return the benefits directly into the integrated system.  A unique blend of machine-learning, human-enabled AI, and Business Rule Engine increases our means of returning essential information for both traditional and more difficult payers.

With 1350+ payers, pVerify provides multi-specialty-specific details for Medical, Dental, and Vision Payers. Filter with ease and identify desired benefit details. In addition to the returned data, pVerify offers the First-Class Batch Excel Report for easy filtering and patient review.

Patient Eligibility Verification Software

Calculate ROI

pVerify’s suite of products reduces labor costs and increases front-office cash flow and significantly decreases claims denials due to incorrect insurance data. 

Imagine decreasing your Verification Team of 100 to 25 and re-allocating 75 staff members to other projects or new departments. With the automation and collection of information required for your Verification Team to make actionable decisions, one person can handle the work of four in many cases.  

My name is Lisa and I work at Ridgecrest Regional Hospital. For the past 10 months, we have been using pVerify for eligibility transactions and have loved the product. It is very user-friendly and gives accurate information. The staff was able to use the product the same day after being trained with minimal issues. We decided to go with Pverify on a short-term basis due to us transitioning to a new electronic health record and our previous eligibility tool contract expiring. It was quite difficult to find a product that we could use on a month-to-month basis and that also didn’t take too long to implement. I cannot say enough good things about Pverify and their team. Jessi ODaniel was who helped us implement and set up our contract and she was so wonderful to work with, answering all of our questions and explaining every step of the way. We have only had to reach out to tech support a couple of times and they were always prompt when getting back to us and provided solutions to problems even when it was more of a user error rather than a tech problem. We can’t thank them enough for being such a great company to work with!

Lisa Glantz

Front Office Manager, Ridgecrest Regional Hospital

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Verify – Estimate – Collect

Our automated, date-of-service patient insurance verification brings unprecedented efficiency to your front-office workflow. Coupled with our Patient Estimator and hands-free Patient Payment, our Solutions can significantly reduce patient debt and improve front-office collections.

Advanced Eligibility

Verify a patient ahead of time or during their procedure with pVerify’s All Payer Advanced Eligibility Solution in Instant, Batch, or API Eligibility, in real-time with accuracy down to the service received.

Patient Estimator

Estimate patient financial responsibility powered by Eligibility results and your unique fee schedules for quick and easy cost estimates.

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The Industry service leader in Realtime Healthcare APIs for Eligibility, Claim Status, & DME Solutions.