pVerify Same or Similar


pVerify Same or Similar quickly gives you access to Medicare’s Same or Similar 5-year records, across all 4 medicare jurisdictions,

for L, A, E, B, and K codes.


Start using pVerify and instantly get access to the following features:

Batch supported

Easily upload a batch of patients to run in near real-time with quick turn around, via our Batch Excel Mode. 

Access for all Medicare jurisdictions

Claims include L, A, E, B, and K codes, in a patient’s complete 5 year record. 

Printable Batch reports

Print a single patient in PDF format or an entire batch of patients in our easy to read and color-coded excel format.

Easily search prior results

pVerify saves patient data on our cloud based system for 90 days, available in our Search Patient Function. 

Patient Status Same/Similar works this way:

Batch submission: Upload a batch of patients in our format and process it on your own.  You can then download an excel report with the results. During Same or Similar hours of availability, a batch of 100 can be processed in less than 10 minutes. 

Searching for a prior same/similar request:

You can select by patient, status, verification date or other fields. Click search and then look at the detail results.

Manual Upload:

In addition to batch upload, you can enter each patient request manually, and we will process within an hour.

Same or Similar Batch Results:

The Excel Report is color coded for easy perusal – At a glance you can tell coverage for each code you specify!

pVerify – Solutions, not Problems!

pVerify Same/Similar is unique in the industry, with unprecedented accuracy in near real-time processing.  Customized reporting and multiple ways to submit requests, pVerify provides best in class solutions with our Same or Similar Products.