pVerify’s Same or Similar 

pVerify’s Medicare Solution gives you access to Medicare’s Same or Similar 5-year history, across all 4 medicare jurisdictions.

Same or Similar: L, A, E, B, and K Codes

Complete 5 year records | Unlimited Batches | Near Real-time | Accurate Results

pVerify’s Same or Similar Medicare Solution is the ONLY company that provides a patient’s complete 5-year claims history across all 4 jurisdictions, with accuracy, near-realtime, and unlimited users. Run a patient’s Same or Similar directly from their Eligibility Results without retyping patient info with pVerify’s complimentary radio button. *Existing NPI and PTAN are required

Same Category HCPC Code Flag

Start using pVerify’s Same or Similar Solution and instantly get access to:

Batch Mode

Easily upload a batch of patients to obtain each patient’s history with quick turn around, via our Batch Excel Mode

All 4 Jurisdictions

Claims include L, A, E, B, and K codes, in a patient’s complete 5 year record. 


AI Oversight

pVerify’s AI enabled oversight examines a patient’s full claim history and flag’s each HCPC to easily determine if a similar code had been issued. 


Easily search prior results

pVerify saves patient data on our cloud based system for up to 90 days, review any record in our Search Patient Function.

Ready for a Test Drive?

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pVerify’s Same/Similar works in 3 ways:

Batch Submission: Upload a batch of patients in our format and process it on your own.  You can then download an excel report with the results. During Same or Similar hours of availability, a batch of 100 can be processed in less than 10 minutes.

Single Patient Mode: Run Same or Similar directly from the patient’s Eligibilty Results via Radio button or enter in the required fields in red (see below.)  Use the Favorites Page to auto-select your codes in advance.  

API Development: Develope an API to insert pVerify’s Same or Similar Solutions int your own platform with our secure exchange supporting one-to-one transactions.  


Manual Upload:

Fill in the required fields in red (see below) and press Verify. A Request ID will appear along with an estimated processing time. After alotted time, search for your patient under in the SEARCH page.





Searching for a prior same/similar request:

You can select by patient name, request ID, status, verification date or other fields. Click search and then look at the detailed results.


Review a Single Patient Record:

Press the Play button to open a record. You will find their complete 5-year record with Claims Allowed and No Claims Found. Pay close attention to the far right column, Same Category HCCPCS Billed. This is a quick guide to determine if the Brace (or A, E, B, & K code) had another of the same or similar already issued. 

Batch Results:

A Batch of 100 patients can typically be processed in under 10 minutes. The information is the same as a single patient but is returned in an Excel.