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pVerify Same or Similar


pVerify Same or Similar quickly gives you access to Same/Similar checks across all 4 medicare jurisdictions, including L codes.


Start using pVerify and instantly get access to the following features:

Batch supported with quick turn around

Easily upload a batch of patients to check, and our staff will process it within hours.

Access for all 4 Medicare jurisdictions same or similar claims including L codes, for all 4 jurisdictions.

Printable Batch reports

Print or email the patient estimate, so the patient can view and sign it.

Easily search prior results

You can type in the patient name or other information and quickly get prior results on screen.

Patient Status Same/Similar works this way:

Batch submission: Upload a batch of patients in our format, and we will process it right away! Once it is done processing we will alert you via email. You can then download an excel report with the result.With these Printable Batch reports same or similar checks are much easier to process.

Searching for a prior same/similar request:

You can select by patient, status, verification date or other fields. Click search and then look at the detail results.

Manual Upload:

In addition to batch upload, you can enter each patient request manually, and we will process within an hour.

Same or Similar Batch Results:

The Excel Report is color coded for easy perusal – At a glance you can tell coverage for each code you specify!

pVerify – Solutions, not Problems!

pVerify Same/Similar is unique in the industry, with all 4 jurisdictions, L codes included, customized reporting and multiple ways to submit requests. Learn why pVerify is the best in the business.