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Service Desk is now active!

pVerify now has a ticketing solution! And better yet, it does not require a user/password. (A user will be automatically created once you put in your email - which is optional). You will get 2 emails back from the system if this is your first time. 1) An email saying...

3 Solutions To Verify Patient Eligibility

Verifying with insurance carriers on patient eligibility is one of the requirements of any medical practice management. In fact, this is important to the income of a medical office. Medical offices have several ways they can accomplish this. It all depends on...

6 Patient Eligibility Verification Best Practices

Verifying patient eligibility is becoming an indispensable process when it comes to billing patients, getting paid by insurance providers, and the overall management of practices’ revenue cycles. With the rise in high-deductible and cost-sharing insurance plans, more and more patients are required to make payments at the time of service, though many patients are unaware of that fact.

Eligibility verification—particularly when done in advance—solves this problem, allowing you to give important information to your patients before their appointments.

How to Choose the Right Patient Eligibility Verification Processes for Your Practice

If you thought that medical coding and billing used to be a complicated process, it’s likely only become more complicated since the recent transition to ICD-10. In addition to this change, the recent growth in the number of high-deductible and cost-sharing insurance plans, as well as the Affordable Care Act, have likely also had some sort of effect on your revenue cycle.

The solution to managing all of these recent changes? Patient eligibility verification.

When Should I Verify Patient Eligibility?

Even just a few years ago, verifying patient eligibility once a year was good enough, as most patients stuck with their insurance providers for the long haul. However, the market is changing, and more and more patients are switching over to higher deductible plans and plans based on cost sharing.

Today, a patient’s insurance information can change over night—which is why it’s increasingly important to regularly verify your patients’ eligibility. But when, exactly, should you verify patient eligibility?

5 Tips for Improving the Efficiency of Your Practice’s Front Desk

For most medical practices looking to improve their efficiency and the care they provide to their patients, there is always room for improvement. But many times, deciding where to start can be the most overwhelming part.

Oftentimes, medical practices turn first to their front desk or office, as this is where the patient begins their experience.

Save Time and Money by Verifying Patient Eligibility

Recently, insurance policies have been changing, putting more and more of the financial burden on the patient, in the form of copays and high-deductible plans. Because of this change and this increase in financial obligations that patients are faced with, it’s becoming more important for medical practices to verify each patient’s insurance eligibility–before the office visit, if possible.

Verifying patient eligibility before a patient sees a physician has a number of benefits, and overall will save your practice both time and money.