pVerify Etactics Electronic Claims Submission

Today, pVerify announced the start of a new partnership with the innovative medical insurance claims clearinghouse, eTactics. 

October 31st 2023

What is a medical insurance claims clearinghouse? 

These are third-party organizations that act as a middleman between healthcare providers and insurance companies. Clearinghouses receive electronic claims from providers, format them according to the insurance company’s requirements, and transmit them securely. They also receive electronic remittance advices (ERAs) from insurance companies, which provide information about the status of claims and payments. 

pVerify customers often ask us who they can trust with one of the most essential components of their revenue cycle workflow. The partnership with Etactics allows us to confidently connect them to a like-minded organization who brings extreme customer focus to claims processing and denials management​

Jay Nitturkar

CEO, pVerify

The Powerful Benefits of a pVerify and eTactics Connection 

  • Improved efficiency and accuracy: By working together, more things can be automated, like the process of submitting claims and receiving ERAs. This will help to improve efficiency and accuracy and reduce the risk of errors. 
  • Expanded reach: Now, benefits eligibility and other pVerify services will be available to a wider range of customers.   
  • New services: As our partnership deepens, eTactics can help offer new services to shared customers, such as claim status tracking and eligibility verification. 
  • Streamlined operations: Now, there is a more direct path to receive claims and eligibility information from pVerify rather than from multiple individual providers. 

​pVerify’s innovative, patient-facing real-time eligibility solutions help providers accurately estimate patient obligations at the time of service and also ensure accuracy of patient demographics and payer details, facilitating a higher ‘clean claims’ percentage. Combining pVerify with Etactics’ Claim Submission and Denial Management tools will go a long way in improving overall profitability of healthcare providers. That’s what excites us!

Jay Nitturkar

CEO, pVerify

With this newly announced alignment, it is now easier for providers who are already using pVerify’s best-in-class front-end solutions to switch to Etactics’ claims clearinghouse services.  

Read the full press release here. 

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