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pVerify is the Leader in All-Payer Patient Insurance Verification Software with Real-time, API and Batch Solutions showcasing comprehensive Patient Eligibility, Estimation and Payment Collection for Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial, Dental and Vision Payers.

Patient Insurance Verification

The Journey Started

pVerify® was founded in 2006 by a team of accomplished Healthcare Professionals with a singular focus: streamline the front-end patient insurance eligibility and benefit verification processes in order to not only improve patient collections but also reduce back-office denials.

Powered by its own APIs pVerify aimed it’s focus on studying over 1350 payer responses to compile unique eligibility settings for each. Championing the highest level of benefits parsing with consumable API endpoints, pVerify’s team of expert developers stride forward to refine and maximize benefit reporting.

Our unique blended process allows us to delivery the most pertinent patient eligibility information across all  payers – even if the payer 270/271 report doesn’t include all of the required elements or even if the payer does not support EDI 270/271. Then, unlike other services, we provide verified patient benefits at a deeper level, with information separated and highlighted individually for easier review and understanding . For our First-Class Batch we present the results in a color-coded Microsoft Excel spread-sheet format so that a front-office, verification team, or billing staff can collect appropriate patient payments and spot inaccuracies relating to patient demographics or insurance information.

Supporting over 1350 payers across all 50 states and cover all types of payers, including Medicare, Medicaid, BCBS, Dental, Vision and Commercial.

Innovative and robust APIs deliver a hassle-free approach to integrating with existing practice management and hospital information systems. As a result, we deliver an industry-leading eligibility solution that significantly improves productivity of both the front-and the back-offices and leads to a rapid return on investment.

pVerify® is headquartered in Tustin, California.
Patient Insurance Verification

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Largest medical groups, IPAs/MSOs, and Medical Billing companies use pVerify’s Patient Insurance Verification Software. We have a very strong presence in Primary Care, Pediatric and Adult Therapies (speech, occupational & physical), Mental Health, Emergency Care, Ambulatory and Inpatient Surgery, orthopedics, sleep centers, imaging centers, and more!

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