Salesforce App for DME Suppliers

pVerify releases Salesforce App for Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers

RPA technology processes thousands of S/S requests through a single sign-on platform, streamlining the process while reducing labor cost. 

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Tustin, November 29th 2022

pVerify, Inc, the leader in all-payer real-time patient insurance eligibility via API and cloud-based portal services for Medical, Dental, and Vision Providers releases pVerify Connect with their signature Same or Similar Claim History Solution and real-time Eligibility verifications.

Same or Similar, a flexible 5-year range of Medicare Claims History, allows users to submit thousands of requests at a time through a SOC2 Compliant single sign-on platform resulting in reduced labor and increased shipments. The solution includes interpretation flags, further replacing manual interpretation with automated conclusions that solidify accurate billing.

Through the Salesforce App, pVerify incorporates real-time Advanced Eligibility, completely automating the Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers 2-Step process required to fulfil orders.

The salesforce integration that is offered by pVerify has been a time saver for our team and is helping to limit the number of back and forth our operations team has to do in order to perform tasks. If there is ever a question or problem that needs solving, the pVerify team is responsive, timely and always easy to work with.

Blake Thompson

Operations Manager, Mendota Health

Since the launch of Same or Similar in Q4 of 2019, pVerify empowered a multibillion-dollar global DME powerhouse to slash front-office RCM labor costs by 80% while increasing client engagement, improving patient experience, and doubling shipments. Leveraging the Salesforce Platform pVerify expects to triple its DME Base.

Equally as exciting, pVerify’s Insurance Coverage Discovery, released in Q4 of 2021 yields the highest hit rate in the industry and this year’s Q4 release, Fast-PASS Prior Authorization, it set to be the first true real-time automated Prior Authorization solution.

About pVerify

pVerify, Inc’s HIPAA-complaint, SaaS offering includes a fully customizable Eligibility Portal, robust set of REST APIs, and Mobile SDKs that power mission-critical, front-end Eligibility process solutions for leading software companies in the healthcare sector.

pVerify® was founded in 2006 by a team of accomplished Healthcare Professionals with a singular focus: streamline the front-end patient insurance eligibility and benefit verification processes to not only maximize practice revenue while minimizing insurance denials.

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