Patient Estimator Software Tool


pVerify Patient Estimates gives you quick and easy cost estimates for patient responsibility

Full Integration with Eligibility

You can transfer the crucial data, like co-insurance, from eligibility with a button click.

Easy Patient Collections

With a mouse click, you can collect the estimated allowed amount from the patient.

Printable Batch Reports

Print or email the patient estimate, so the patient can view and sign it.

Use Medicare Pricing & Your Own

Either use your own fee schedule (either global or per payer), or use the up-to-date medicare non-facility pricing

Patient Estimator Tool works this way:

Either type in the patient name, and financial information , or click from Instant Eligibility to populate it. Then select a location, and procedure or group of procedures, and add to the estimate. Print, and save. It’s that simple!

Features of pVerify Patient Estimator Tool


1) Populate patient demographic and financial information from eligibility, or type it in yourself

2) Supports your own custom fee schedule as a dollar amount or % of medicare, per payer or globally

3) Gives quick on screen estimates, and allows print/email of completed estimate for patients.

4) Saves previous estimates and allows review

pVerify – Solutions, not Problems!

The Patient Estimator Software Tool is uniquely positioned in the market to give you a quick and easy way to create patient estimates, leveraging the customized Eligiblity information from pVerify, and tying into our Patient Payments offering. This allows a full cycle from eligibility, to estimate, to payment, within minutes, and allows to collect the estimated allowed amount, and save the patients credit card (with consent form)in case of additional needed collection. pVerifys solution will save your office time and money!