Advanced Eligibility Solution for eMedicalNotes Users

pVerify’s Advanced Eligibility, combined with Business Rule Engine and First-Class Batch Reports, offers a heightened service for Medical Practices with complex verification needs.

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Additional Solutions Available

  • Insurance Discovery
  • MBI Lookup (Name/DOB)
  • Recursive MA Payer Verification
  • Patient Estimator
  • Patient Payments
  • Inpatient SNF
  • Claims Status

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    Features of pVerify’s Integrations

    • Patient Insurance Verification based on custom triggers
    • Multi-specialty-specific Customized Parsing of Patient Eligibility Benefits providing multiple copays
    • Completed First-Class Batch Report for each DOS plus Issues and Errors Report
    • Write-back notes inserted in the patient’s record
    • Knowledge Base Transfer of internal Verification Specialist Proprietary Knowledge into Eligibility Results via Business Rules Engine
    • Insurance Discovery, Recursive Medicare MA Payer Verification, Patient Estimator and MORE!