pVerify patient medical verification eligibility - next generation interface pVerify’s Specialty-Specific Batch Eligibility & Patient Benefits Verification Solution for Allscripts® users

Allscripts® integrated Batch Eligibility Verification by pVerify®

pVerify® is now an Authorized Integrator with Allscripts®. We use Allscripts’ Unity API to deliver unmatched batch Eligibility & Benefits reporting (customized to individual Specialty and Practice needs) by first collecting insurance information from upcoming appointments, processing the information in the pVerify Cloud to generate a custom eligibility report, and finally writing back the most important report items as a patient note in PM. In addition, a complete snapshot of eligibility and benefits for ALL patients scheduled for given DOS are displayed in a unique color-coded, Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet format (see the screenshot below). pVerify’s Allscripts-integrated batch eligibility verification solution highlights eligibility and benefits specific to your specialty & procedures and is customized to your practice needs. It also ensures that you are billing to the right payer and using correct Demographic details (clean claim) to avoid cost denials downstream. Our highly actionable, color-coded Eligibility Summary Reports can bring unprecedented efficiency to your front-office workflow. Coupled with our patient estimator and “card-on-file” payment processing, our integrated service can significantly reduce patient bad debt and improve front-office collections.
pVerify is the only company to offer combination of EDI based eligibility and manual, live-operator assisted process to return all the relevant information complete and contextual: guaranteed. These are few unique features of pVerify that separates it from traditional clearinghouses: 1) Full parsing of key benefits Data such as specialty-Specific Co-pays, Deductibles, out-of-pocket remaining, pre-certification requirement etc. The results are displayed within Allscripts as a concise PATIENT NOTE and also displayed in dashboard view on pVerify Portal. 2) Blended Process ( EDI based verification combined with manual process) to ensure 100% customization of our eligibility reports to individual client’s needs (e.g. Medical Benefits as well as Vision Benefits including annual Visit restrictions, Routine Vision co-pay etc. PLUS ASC/Hospital Outpatient benefits) and 100% payer coverage (even those who do not support EDI based eligibility.) 3) Color-coded MS Excel-based Eligibility Summary Reports that are highly actionable (e.g. easily spot patients who might have switched to Medicare Advantage Plans…also provides name of the new Primary payer etc.) 4) ‘Exception Reporting’ to highlight discrepancies in patient demographics ( e.g. incorrect spelling of patient name or incorrect DOB) or insurance related information…using this information, our clients are able to increase ‘clean claims’ percentage. 5) Highest success rate for batch verification in the industry using recursive verification technology and utilizing manual workflow to work on ‘patient not found’ errors.

Sample Allscripts® Patient Verification

Allscripts and pVerify Integration pVerify patient eligibility verification report for Allscripts users

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What is pVerify Patient Eligibility Verification?

Important Patient Verification Eligibility Features with Allscripts

  • Instantly identify if a patient has compatible plan and even identify the name of the new Plan
  • Identify Primary Payer if patient is secondary user (helps you avoid denials)
  • Determine Co-insurance and Deductible remaining information as of the current date
  • Get Benefits information by Office, Inpatient, Preventive Care, Urgent Care, Pharmacy and more
  • Download detailed reports of patient insurance eligibility in PDF, integrated with Allscripts
  • Search verified reports of patients, available for the past 12 months, with the integrated solution
  • Export multiple patient records export into Excel/CSV for easy review and analysis
  • Get these critical Add-on features : batch process and web services

Our Client Testimonials

Utilizing pVerify’s automated verification service, we are able to validate our patient’s benefits thoroughly and consistently in advance of their visit…This allows us to identify issues relating to patient’s coverage and take corrective action before the patient being seen..I highly recommend pVerify eligibility solutions for any busy practice Albert Castillo

Since using pVerify, we have significantly reduced claim rejections, lowered administrative cost (by reducing the time it takes to verify eligibilities) and as improved our cash flow. pVerify has contributed immensely to our practice and I am so happy that we began using them. pVerify truly is an efficient and cost-effective tool designed to facilitate the eligibility verification process. Beth Carvajal

Allscripts® is a leader in EHR integration and healthcare information technology solutions that advance clinical, financial and operational results across an Open platform. pVerify is an ADP Integrator with Allscripts PM for Batch Eligibility & Benefits verification.