pVerify’s DME Solutions DDP Medical Supply

pVerify’s Advanced Eligibility, intuitive Medicare Same or Similar Claims History, Medicare MBI Lookup, and Inpatient SNF offer a streamlined service for Durable Medical Suppliers.

Solutions Available

  • Advanced Eligibility
  • Same or Similar
  • MBI Lookup
  • Inpatient SNF
  • Medicare CMN
  • Insurance Discovery
  • Recursive MA Payer Verification
  • Patient Estimator
  • Patient Payments
  • Claims Status

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    Medicare Eligibility

    An expert in all things Medicare, pVerify provides Medicare patient Verification in our Medicare Eligibility – Summary Dashboard, Unlimited Self Batch Verification, First Class Batch Solution, and API Connections.

    Inpatient SNF

    pVerify Inpatient SNF Solution provides details on current SNF and Hospice stays, as close as 72 hours after admission, including the provider’s NPI.

    Same or Similar

    pVerify’s Same or Similar allows users to review a patient’s 5-year Claim History in near real-time with interpretation flags for easy and actionable decisions.