Same/Similar and SNF Registation

Please follow the directions below to receive access to pVerify’s Same or Similar and Skilled Nursing Facility Services

DME Registration




    pVerify’s Same/Similar Service utilizes advanced RMA technology in order to allow our clients to process thousands of requests through our single sign-on platform.

    To comply with Trading Partner credentialing regulations, we must now require a uniquely registered CEDI/MAC login for each client’s NPI/PTAN combination in order to mirror MAC Portal functionality within your pVerify API or Portal account.  For monthly volumes of greater than 10000 individual requests, or unique daily volume requirements, multiple CEDI/MAC logins could be required in order to ensure a high-quality user experience.

    After our operations team registers the combination, the Designated Approver (DA) for the NPI/PTAN/FEIN Combination will receive an email to approve the newly added assigned employee credential.