Patient Payment Processing

Industry-leading PCI DSS & HIPAA compliant payment processing

What is Payment Processing?

During simpler times, your practice just collected a small copay from the patient at the time of visit, filed an insurance claim, and waited for the payer to send a check for the remainder. With the advent of consumer-driven health plans, patients are increasingly responsible for a higher portion of the bill (annual deductibles, co-insurance, etc). In fact, patients were responsible for over $300 billion in 2010, a number growing by double digits each year. Considering the fact that close to 50% of post-visit patient payments are written off, the ultimate goal for any medical office should be to secure the patient’s responsibility of payment before the patient walks out of the clinic.

pVerify provides industry-leading, PCI DSS and HIPAA compliant card-on-file payment processing technology that allows medical offices to accept any form of payment at the time of visit and secure authorization for future payments (for post-visit balances). Similar to a hotel check-in process, patients can give consent to providers to keep a card or bank account on file and bill for patient balances. This transparent process provides many benefits to patients, such as interest-free payment plans, while offices eliminate post-visit collections and costs.


pVerify is integrated with leading PCI-compliant payment gateways to capture credit card and check information and process future payments authorized by patients.

With Card-on-File technology, you’re able to easily set up installment plans in seconds and offer patients attractive interest-free payment plans that improve collections while building patient loyalty – and raising patient referrals.

With pVerify’s payment processing solution, you can accept any form of payment, such as credit & debit cards, FSA/HSA, Check (ACH) or cash, in-office, online, or over the phone. Call us today to eliminate patient delinquencies!

How does post-visit payment processing work?

By uploading patient outstanding balance information, our system matches patients with card-on-file and consent information and automatically captures funds from their card or bank.

Authorized users can refund money to patients when necessary, eliminating the need for manual processing of paper checks.

Reconcile patient collections, regardless of payment type. Patient payment history is maintained in our system.

Patient Payment Processing is built into pVerify Eligibility Verification, the customized eligibility solution that includes all payers, large and small, and pVerify Patient Estimator, the easy solution for estimating patient financial obligations.