The Value of Batch Processing for Patient Insurance Verification

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Verifying patient eligibility is becoming an indispensable process when it comes to billing patients, getting paid by insurance providers, and the overall management of practices’ revenue cycles. With the rise in high-deductible and cost-sharing insurance plans, more and more patients are required to make payments at the time of service, though many patients are unaware of that fact.

Patient Insurance verification—particularly when done in advance—solves this problem, allowing you to give important information to your patients before their appointments. When a practice grows and staff becomes quickly buried in paperwork, by attempting to verify patients on several websites one by one or even with software with high promises but low ROI.  Many practices turn to Batch Processing with an Eligibility Software Provider, like pVerify, that offers different options to handle increasing patient volume. Below is a breakdown of self-batching services and entrusted First-Class Batching Solutions that will help you pursue which of the best practices works best for your practice.

Depending on where and how a Verification Specialist is verifying a patient’s insurance has a lot to do with how long it will take per patient. Online Eligibility Software can verify a patient in seconds but how long did it take for the Specialist to lookup, copy, and enter the patient’s name, date of birth, insurance provider, and subscriber ID. The time it takes to find and input the information increases seconds to often minutes. Built-in Eligibility to your EHR/EMR speeds up the process but still requires human participation and oversight.

Value of Batch Processing for Patient Insurance Verification

As a practice grows the verification effort required a more efficient approach: Batch Processing. The type of processing truly depends on the complexity of the verification benefit requirements. A primary Care Physician (PCP) requires very straightforward benefit details. They need to know what the PCP copay is, and what the deductible and out-of-pocket remaining are. In comparison, a Dermatology Group needs to know Specialist details, Diagnostic Medical, and various Surgical benefits that depend on the location of the surgery.

The below video explains the different offerings of running batches on your own vs outsourcing Batch Eligibility Verification to eligibility vendors.

Batch Processing for Patient Insurance:

Self-Batch Processing VS First-Class Batch

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