pVerify Change Log


Dental – Numerous enhancements including downloadable eligibility reports, links to estimator and payments.

Same or Similar – new guided tour for SoS.

Claims – Batch upload and report is now supported

API Management – Add payer code to payer down list, add dental transactions to log and console, fix payer down screen


  1. Return encrypted URL (allowing bypass of login) for Eligibility Summary (please contact pVerify for details)
  2. Return encrypted URL (allowing bypass of login) for Same Or Similar (please contact pVerify for details)



Item 1 – HMO dates are added to dashboard UI for Medicare transactions

Item 2 – Auto update timer is added to Same or Similar UI for single patient verifications

Item 3 – Medicare Advantage recursive lookup – it will now pick DOB from the Medicare response (if the DOB was not used in the request) and run MCA lookup using that DOB.

Item 4 – API /Test endpoints are updated to match production for case of the field.


Item 1: We have added 2 optional fields in the request object and the result object for EligibilitySummary for your use.



These are string fields and can be used for your purpose, perhaps for a second MRN.

Item 2: We have added a new field in the result object – RecursiveRequestId – this is for Medicare Advantage secondary payer lookup. This is working with all of our eligibility calls (EasyEligibility, EligibilityInquiry, EligibilitySummary) When enabled, we will automatically perform a eligibility check (using Eligibility Summary) on selected MCA payers that allow lookup by MBI or Name & DOB. If the can be done, the result is returned in a field RecursiveRequestId.

Thus the workflow is this:

1) Submit eligibility call to Medicare via Eligibility Summary.

2) Capture RecursiveRequestId.

3) Run a GET call (GetEligibilitySummary) using this Id.

Item 3: We have added Moesif API logging & reporting to API management. Please see the new menu items.

Item 4: We have a new stable cluster for API customer use – apiclient.pverfy.com – we will do much less updates of this cluster and inform before updating. The changes mentioned above (items 1 and 2) are not in that system yet. This cluster is designed to be used for large customers for stability and scalability use. It uses the same backend database as api.pverify.com – so feel free to switch between them.