Why Verified Customers Love pVerify’s Real-Time Patient Verification

With 15 years of historic medical verification knowledge and innovative technological capabilities, pVerify isn’t just another shiny add-on with no proven track record. We’ve studied over 1,350 payer responses to compile unique proprietary eligibility settings for each. As a result, our automated real-time patient insurance verification solutions have time and again propelled efficiency in medical front offices and become a powerful force to combat patient debt.

What is Insurance Discovery?

pVerify’s Insurance Discovery Solution is a real-time API Solution offered in Instant, Batch, and API modes. One Insurance Discovery Instant Transaction is processed in as little as 30 seconds or unlimited-size batches with same-day processing. pVerify allows users to find their patient’s insurance coverage, enabling prompt claim submission, increasing patient payment collection, and decreasing account receivables.

A few additional notable capabilities include:

  • Find Insurance coverage with only a patient’s name and DOB
  • Obtain verified benefit details, including subscriber ID
  • Find Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary coverage

In short, we at pVerify think our real-time patient insurance verification technology is a game-changer. Big surprise, right? Well, don’t just take our word for it. We want you to hear from actual, verified customers who have put our solutions to the test and vindicated all of our hard work. Your experience drives our roadmap for future product capabilities and improvements.

Overall Solution Rates High

pVerify helps your company grow. Pros: Ease of use, very little downtime, great response time on support issues, great API functions, and the user interface is easy and fast!

 – Moody B., CEO

We use pVerify every week, and it’s such a great resource for anyone looking to verify insurance benefits! I like that, unlike other platforms, we can access all insurance plans nationwide. As a national practice, it’s hard to find something that does this.

 – Madeleine L., Operations Manager

Pverify is the perfect solution for anyone in healthcare who accepts insurance. Ease of setup, level of customer support, and pricing are all reasons I would recommend.

 – Sydney F., CRM Solutions Architect

We like pVerify and intend to expand its use. pVerify was quick to set up, it’s easy for my employees to use, and the price point is fair. We like the bulk upload feature and will soon launch API integration.

 – Ron L., CEO

Customers See Operational Improvements with pVerify

Excellent. From onboarding to ongoing insurance verifying and support, everything has run smoothly. [pVerify] is proactive with communication as well.

 – David M., Business Owner

This is such a powerful time-saving tool. It takes only a few seconds to pull selected information needed in order to perform benefit verifications specific to my industry.

 – Jackie G., Admin Manager

Great addition to my practice. My overall experience has been a positive one. It has given me greater control over our revenue. It’s a simple way to verify patient insurance and help us to collect payments accurately upfront.

 – Nadja N., Psychiatric NP

A Customer Service Team Who Cares

Best verification system I have encountered…First of all, I have the BEST Client Support Representative. She actually listens, provides feedback, and understands our needs. We have requested additional products and the pVerify team has actually built them to help achieve our goals.

Now, let’s talk about the system – We have been on pVerify for almost 2 years and have never had an issue with the system going down. Sometimes there are payer websites that go down, but that is out of pVerify’s control. pVerify has options to upload a batch or process individual verifications. They have also added many additional components to their system which are very useful and dependable.

 – Laura B., VP of Revenue Cycle

pVerify is very responsive and customer-focused. If you are looking for APIs for dental insurance verification, I highly recommend them! pVerify was responsive and easy to work with. I have interacted with their customer service and tech support multiple times and receive quick (less than 1 hr) complete responses to my questions.

 – Jason D., Office Manager & Developer

Hearing the positive transformation customers have achieved with our products is exactly why we continually strive to provide the best-in-class solutions for providers across the healthcare spectrum. If you haven’t yet tapped into real-time patient insurance verification to drive insurance discovery and revenue cycle management, what are you waiting for? Schedule a demo today to see how pVerify can innovate your business operations and elevate patient care.

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