pVerify Eligibility Guarantee

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NEW Medicare MBI ID Lookup Tool

pVerify introduces a new, scalable solution for obtaining the NEW Medicare ID, your patient’s MBI number, quickly and easily by submitting the patient data including SSN, DOB and Name. 

-Individual Patient Lookup      -Batch Report Processing      -MBI through API

New MBI Number for Medicare ID Card



Eligibility Verification Solution

pVerify is the only company that guarantees parsing of all key benefits data such as co-pays and deductibles. We present the information in a dashboard format, along with color-coded Excel spreadsheet reports, bringing unprecedented efficiency to the front office. Our eligibility reports are guaranteed to be complete, including all key elements:

  • Eligibility status (active or inactive, start & termination dates)
  • Plan name, PCP name (for HMO patients)
  • Applicable co-pays
  • Co-insurance
  • Annual deductible and remaining deductible
  • Medicare HMO and secondary information (when applicable)

Specialty Specific Support

pVerify’s advanced setup allows for customization of batch eligibility reports based on your specialty and your payer contracts. Our reports highlight both PCP and specialist co-pays, making it easier for front offices to collect accurate co-pays during the check-in process. In tandem with your Patient Estimator, your collections of patient obligations becomes accurate even before the patient is checked in.

Procedure Specific Support

CPT and procedure-level verification, ensuring complete validation of covered benefits regardless of specialty. Some validation includes medical criteria and pre-certification requirements for approval.

High Availability

pVerify uses a HIPAA-compliant cloud system, offering scalability and availability to meet demand. An implementation of redundancy systems ensures that eligibility checks are available regardless of connection to payers.

High Success Rate

pVerify is the only company that seamlessly blends electronic EDI-based verification with proprietary, expert manual processing to provide 100% payer coverage (including non-EDI payers). Our process further improves success rates by using our recursive technology and innovative manual intervention to cover patients not found by traditional, electronic verification.

Financial Guarantee

Healthcare providers utilizing pVerify are able to dramatically reduce patient A/R and patient delinquencies. By identifying patient demographic errors and by spotting patients with Medicare/Medicaid HMO plans, pVerify helps reduce insurance denials. The net result: within 60 days of deploying pVerify, overall collections will increase by 10% or more. We are so sure about the return on investment that we are backing this claim with our guarantee: If after 60 days of fully deploying pVerify your practice does not experience an increase in collections, we will refund all fees, including setup.

*At the time of deployment, provider will furnish an average collections (patient and insurance collections) for the preceding three-month period or average thereof. At the end of the 60-day period of utilizing pVerify as per our guidelines, if collections increase less than 10%, we will immediately refund the initial setup fee as well as the subscription fee for the 2-month period. Applicable for batch verification clients only.