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Established in 2006, pVerify has been a reputable leader in specialized Insurance Verification and continues to lead the industry in innovation and solution development. As an Authorized Integrator with established PMs like AdvancedMD and Allscripts, we go lengths beyond the basic eligibility typically provided with today’s software.  With pVerify provides a new concept in eligibility, called Eligibility Summary, that allows in-depth specialty-focused customized parsing of eligibility data for 100% of payers in the market. 

Features of pVerify’s Integrations

  • Specialty Specific Customized Parsing of Patient Eligibility Benefits
  • Automated Patient Verification based on customized triggers
  • Completed Batch Excel Report for each DOS, provided days in advance
  • Write-back notes inserted in the patient’s record of verification results
  • Actionable Issues Report of patients unable to be verified due to incorrect insurance details

Automate Patient Verification by  integrating pVerify’s Advanced Eligibility.

Standard Integration Features

Direct integration including patient note write-back

Automates the verification of upcoming appointments

Creation of Batch Excel Eligibility Report and Issues Report

Insertion of an Eligibility Details Note within the patient's record

Access to pVerify's Instant Eligibility Portal for real-time verification needs

Example of Verified Benefits

Write-back Note

pVerify is the only company to offer a combination of EDI and Non-EDI based on eligibility and manual, live-operator assisted process to return all the relevant information complete and contextual, guaranteed. These are a few unique features of pVerify that separate it from traditional clearinghouses and other verification vendors.

Best-in-class Custom Eligibility Report

In addition, a complete snapshot of eligibility and benefits for ALL patients scheduled for given DOS are displayed in a unique color-coded, Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet format (see the screenshot below).