Complete Eligibility Verification

Supercharge your front office collections with unprecedented verification and collection efficiency using pVerify’s premium eligibility solution. Learn how pVerify can help you maximize patient collections with complete eligibility verification customized to your specialty!

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Complete Payment Processing

All of your payments, all in one place! Use pVerify’s industry leading, PCI DSS and HIPAA-compliant payment processing technology to accept any form of payment at any time (pre and post-visit). Provide transparency and set up payment plans while eliminating post-visit collection headaches and costs.

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Patient Online BillPay

Improve your cash-flow and increase collections with pVerify’s secure self-service online bill payment portal. Remove the hassles of paperwork with an always-on, accurate and accessible payment platform.


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Increase profitability with pVerify

pVerify’s unique verification process and exception reporting reduces insurance denials by as much as 50%! Coupled with our patient estimator and “card-on-file” payment processing, our service can significantly reduce patient bad debt and improve front-office collections.

Use pVerify’s one-stop solution for complete verification of patient eligibility, determination of patient obligation, and facilitation of payment to stop the bleeding caused by:

  • Unpaid post-visit patient balances.
  • Claim rejections due to patient eligibility errors.
  • Denials due to billing the wrong payer.
  • Staff expenses for verification and collection.

Specialty Specific

pVerify’s advanced configuration allows for customization of batch eligibility reports specific to your practice specialty and payer contracts.

Procedure Specific

Validate covered benefits for specialties and specific procedures with CPT or procedure level benefits verification.

Cloud Based

pVerify runs in a HIPAA compliant environment, offering high availability, secure data processing, and significantly decreased errors.

Highest Success Rate

pVerify provides unprecedented verification and collection efficiency to front offices using a combination of technology and expert resources.

Remove the headaches!

  • Less passwords
  • Quicker verification
  • Decreased denials
  • Dashboard reporting
  • 100% payer coverage
  • Key eligibility information
  • Online & offline reporting
  • Increased cashflow
  • Decreased labor costs
  • Eliminate patient delinquencies
  • Card-on-file payment processing

Utilizing pVerify’s automated verification service, we are able to validate our patient’s benefits thoroughly and consistently in advance of their visit…This allows us to identify issues relating to patient’s coverage and take corrective action before the patient being seen..I highly recommend pVerify eligibility solutions for any busy practice

Albert Castillo

Since using pVerify, we have significantly reduced claim rejections, lowered administrative cost (by reducing the time it takes to verify eligibilities) and as improved our cash flow. pVerify has contributed immensely to our practice and I am so happy that we began using them. pVerify truely is an efficient and cost-effective tool designed to facilitate the eligibility verification process.

Beth Carvajal

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