About pVerify

Streamlining the front-end patient insurance eligibility and benefit verification process

About Our Company

pVerify® was founded in 2006 by a team of accomplished Healthcare Professionals with a singular focus: streamline the front-end patient insurance eligibility and benefit verification processes so as to not only improve the patient collections but also to reduce back-office denials.

pVerify® has developed a unique blended process that lets us guarantee delivery of all pertinent patient eligibility information across all the payers – even if the payer 270/271 report doesn’t include all the required elements (e.g. CPT specific benefits) or even if the payer does not support EDI 270/271. Then, unlike other services, we parse all the key benefits information and present that in a color-coded Microsoft Excel spread sheet format so that your front-office can collect appropriate patient payments and spot inaccuracies relating to patient demographics or insurance information.

This combination of our technology and proprietary process allows us to guarantee that our information is both complete (including Deductible met) and contextual (specific to yours specialty and payer contracts). We support over 1150 real-time payers across all 50 states and covering all types of payers, including Medicare, Medicaid, BCBS and commercial.

pVerify™ also has an innovative, hassle-free approach to integrating with existing practice management and hospital information systems. As a result, we deliver an industry-leading eligibility solution that significantly improves productivity of both the front and the back offices – and leads to a rapid return on investment.

The management team of pVerify® consists of experienced healthcare and IT professionals, who have deep domain expertise and track-record of helping healthcare organizations improve their profitability by leveraging information technology and BPO. pVerify® is headquartered in Tustin, California.